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Forestry mulchers are predominantly employed for the maintenance and cleansing of forests and other green spaces. Their tasks entail the elimination of shrubs, bushes, and branches, and the pruning of trees. Additionally, these apparatuses aid in soil preparation for seeding and tree planting, trail formation, fire-affected area clearance, and the formation of fire breaks. Owing to their wide-ranging applications and compatibility with an array of operating machines, forestry mulchers are particularly useful in the management and maintenance of vegetation.

Canadian cannabis industry struggling amid oversupply challenges: Experts

More than four years later, Canada’s cannabis industry is starting to come down from a post-legalization high, experts say.

“Producers have been scaling back, laying people off, closing facilities for really over three years,” said Michael Armstrong, an associate professor of operations research at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont.

Recreational cannabis bill advances in Minnesota House

A Minnesota House panel Wednesday gave the green light to this year's version of the recreational cannabis bill.  The Commerce Committee was the first stop on a long journey that's likely to include at least a dozen more stops before reaching a pivotal floor vote.

Rep. Zack Stephenson, the Coon Rapids Democrat who is the chief author of the adult-use cannabis bill, said he's all for sticking with the same exhaustive vetting process the legislation went through when it passed the House in 2019.

Three ways cannabis can help you stick to dry January

The holidays are a time of overindulgence when you drink and eat too much and time doesn’t feel real. Dry January has grown in popularity due to these reasons, providing people with plenty of health benefits that can impact their lives over the course of the year.

Though that all sounds amazing, for a lot of people, giving up on alcohol for an entire month is not an easy ask. While it may be easy to stick to these rules at home, once you enter the outside world, temptation will likely strike. Here’s how cannabis can help.

2023 offers business opportunities in several new state cannabis markets

Opportunities in the U.S. cannabis industry continue to expand, despite some notable setbacks in the November 2022 elections and continuing resistance at the federal level to marijuana reform.

Up to four new state markets could launch this year: Alabama, Connecticut, Mississippi and Missouri.


That’s on top of the recent adult-use launches in New York and Rhode Island.

2022 Was Marijuana Reform’s Best Year And Everyone Is Unhappy About It: How To Move Forward (Op-Ed)

2022 was the best of times for marijuana policy reform in America—but if you read the headlines or (god forbid) log onto Twitter, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was the worst.

This Orwellian doublethink is understandable if you look at it through the lens of a minute-by-minute analysis, or by only looking at the stock prices of the young, dominant players in the emerging cannabis industry. But we must keep the long game in mind when we think about ending the 85-year policy of marijuana prohibition and criminalization.

Tilray CEO 'frustrated' with 'slow' march toward U.S. legalization, reports Q2 loss

Tilray Brands Inc. reported a second-quarter net loss of US$61.6 million in its most recent quarter as it temporarily slowed cannabis production because of the "longer-than-anticipated march toward legalization" in some markets.

Among the markets whose timing is hampering the Leamington, Ont. pot company is the U.S., where its chief executive said, "we do not expect (legalization) to happen at any time in the near future."

How Your Cannabis Company Can Avoid A Shadowban On Social Media

Content creators are expected to bolster their brand while also walking a fine-line of rules so that their posts and accounts don’t get deleted. Every company hopes to avoid the dreaded “shadowban”, which refers to when Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok restricts posts from your followers and hides your posts from appearing on hashtags. Shadowbanning dramatically decreases your page’s ability to be discovered by new followers.

As More Countries Legalize Cannabis, A Booming Global Marketplace Will Follow

At the close of 2020, 46 nations had passed some form of marijuana legalization. Up to 44 countries passed some form of medical laws. Uruguay and Canada are two countries that legalized adult use, and Mexico and Israel will likely follow in 2021.

With reform efforts underway, investors and cannabis pros have their eyes on countries across the globe, with the expectation that international sales will spike.