5 reasons why it’s the perfect time to start growing cannabis

Right now, all across the US, the President, state governors, and local officials are ordering everyone to go home and stay there. They’re trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which threatens to overwhelm the US healthcare system in the coming weeks.

Millions of Americans are taking mental inventory of their preferred indoor hobbies.

Trust me, Leafly’s California editor: Cannabis gardening should really be at the top of the list.

How Cannabis Companies Work to be More Sustainable

Compared to other agricultural products, cannabis is fairly environmentally friendly. However, many cannabis producers are working to resolve some major sustainability challenges the industry faces. These efforts are all the more important as the industry continues to grow exponentially each year. Sustainable cannabis farming comes down to three main challenges: water usage, energy consumption, and waste management.

Water Usage

Coronavirus drives cannabis sales bump, then slump

The rapid global spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 affects every industry on the planet, legal cannabis included.

Early reports indicate dispensaries and adult-use cannabis stores on the West Coast are seeing a mix of sales bumps, or sales slumps, depending on the level of local infection.

Seattle bump, then slump

The CDC recommends everyone have at least one month’s supply of medication on hand—in the likely event supplies are strained, or local stay-at-home orders of 14 or 28 days are issued.

For many folks, cannabis is their medication.

California’s First Year of Legal Cannabis Sales Brought Increased Demand, Especially Among Seniors

Cannabis retailer Eaze released its fifth annual insight report earlier this month detailing some of the major consumer trends in cannabis. The results are based entirely on sales from Eaze’s platform, so they are biased in that way, but they also offer a bit of insight into what the consumer cannabis market looks like right now, at least for online marketplaces.

Will NFL Marijuana Policy Changes Be Enough for Players to Approve CBA?

Most headlines coming out of negotiations between NFL owners and players over the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) have focused on the proposed 17-game schedule. While that topic has been a main point of discussion, the league’s marijuana policy could play a role in whether or not the deal gets done.

Cannabis edibles are leading Canada’s cannabis market in 2020

Cannabis edibles and drinkables are already leading Canada’s legal cannabis market in 2020.

It has now been more than a year since cannabis was legalised in Canada, and while 2019 sales fell short of most expectations, 2020 is in a much better position to succeed. In October 2019, cannabis edibles were made available to patients and the public.