Lebanon set to legalise medical, industrial cannabis cultivation

Draft law, headed for final parliamentary vote, could boost Lebanon's crippled economy and curb illicit production.

Lebanon's parliament is set to vote on a law that would legalise the cultivation of cannabis for medical and industrial use in an effort to boost its crippled economy and curb illicit production of the psychoactive plant.

The draft law, which has been endorsed by parliamentary committees and is now headed for a final vote, would only affect cannabis that contains less than one percent of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabidinol, or THC.

LIVE UPDATE: Coronavirus officially declared a pandemic - here's a continually updated list of cancelled/postponed cannabis trade shows

  • As of Mar 11, COVID-19 is officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization
  • Cannabis trade show organizers are taking proactive steps by cancelling or delaying their events to prevent the spread of disease
  • To do our part in helping the cannabis industry, High Green News is extending limited time free advertising on or the High Green Newsletter for any company registered as either an exhibitor or attendee at a one of the cancelled shows (while quantities last).

Coming cannabis bill is good signal for South African hemp

While South African officials have said hemp may be approved as an agricultural crop as soon as May this year, some stakeholders remain skeptical of the government’s plans, questioning proposed allowable THC levels and a strategy to rely on imported seeds critics say are ill-suited to the South African environment.

Coronavirus and cannabis: Vape supply is a concern due to China shutdown

‘Aside from vape hardware, we can find sources that supply most of our core products in Canada and internationally,’ Tilray CEO says

Amid a widespread market selloff due to investor concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak, cannabis companies also have to contend with disruptions involving vaporizer hardware, the vast majority of which is produced in China.

Relaxed Rules on Medicinal Marijuana Could Create a Buzz for Thailand Tourism

When Thailand’s first official full-time clinic specializing in traditional and alternative cannabis-based medicine opened in January, hopes were high that the greater access to legal medical cannabis could open doors for the country’s tourism sector to reap the economic benefits of marijuana-inspired travel into Southeast Asia. 

As China’s Hemp Industry Suffers, U.S. Hemp Growers Prepare to Pounce

The U.S. hemp market continues to heat up for a variety of reasons, mainly because the general populace is finally starting to understand the difference between cannabis as marijuana and cannabis as hemp (and the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids derived from cannabis). In this post I’ll discuss why China’s pain can be U.S. hemp producers’ gain.

Medical cannabis import restrictions lifted for UK patients

Medical cannabis patients in the UK will now have faster access to their prescriptions thanks to new changes on import restrictions.

The UK government has now approved changes to import restrictions to ensure that people with prescriptions for cannabis-based products for medical use do not have their treatment delayed or interrupted.