Canadian Cannabis Firms Addressing Illegal Markets

These companies initially seemed to believe that regulators and law enforcement would drive out the illicit market dealers. That hasn't happened.

The promise of legalization was that it would end the black market for cannabis. The theory was that cannabis consumers would prefer a civilized trip to the dispensary where they could buy well-defined products versus buying from a dealer with little information as to the cannabis purchased.

UPDATE: Are Cannabis Stocks Recession Proof?

Back in March, I’d discussed the prospects for cannabis stocks, as Canada veered towards a certain contraction. This was a topic I’d explored in past articles as the cannabis sector had garnered huge interest among investors. The alcohol sector has proven resilient in the face of economic turbulence in past cycles, so there was hope that cannabis’ position as an intoxicate could also make it a worthy target.

COVID-19: How cannabis companies are helping in the crisis

During World War II, America crushed fascism by repurposing automobile factories into making fighters and bombers.

In today’s war on COVID-19, America’s $10.73 billion legal marijuana sector is rapidly redeploying assets to help fight SARS-CoV-2, with the goal of saving as many lives as possible. Legal cannabis makers have begun repurposing hash supply chains for hand sanitizer. Marijuana farmers are donating pest control gowns to desperate hospitals. And once-derided ‘pot shops’ are running food drives to keep America’s most vulnerable fed.

Top Cannabis Stocks Under $5

Investors are bullish on marijuana stocks again, and now could be the time to buy some cheap pot stocks before they take off. With the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF down more than 70% over the past year, many pot stocks are trading at their lowest levels ever. And although some have been rallying in recent days, there are still some top cannabis stocks that are trading below $5 that investors may want to add to their portfolios today.

New York Gov. Cuomo says it's 'not likely' recreational marijuana will be legalized in New York's budget this year as the coronavirus outbreak is the focus in Albany

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that legalizing recreational marijuana likely won't be included in the state's budget, dealing a blow to the cannabis industry companies that have invested a significant amount of time, money, and resources preparing for the rush of the state's millions of adult consumers into the legalized market.

Hemp Businesses Eligible for Coronavirus Stimulus Package

State-legal hemp businesses will be allowed to access financial relief under the multi-million dollar federal coronavirus stimulus package approved last week.

State-legal hemp businesses are eligible for aid under the $2.2 million coronavirus stimulus package signed by President Donald Trump last week; however, medical and recreational cannabis firms will not have access to the relief package due to federal cannabis prohibition.

States Deem Medical Marijuana Essential Industry Amidst COVID-19 Emergency

Businesses are on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak. Employers must attempt to balance public health concerns, compliance with emergency government orders, employee safety, consumer demand, and financial reality. Many states are enacting restrictions on business activity or even forcing “non-essential” companies to close or transition to a work-from-home policy.