Could Pharmaceutical Shortages Drive Cannabis Demand?


Amid drug shortages, could cannabis lessen the burden?

If COVID-19 has made anything clear, it’s the precarious position of many vital global supply chains. One of the most alarming issues is the risk to pharmaceutical production networks. Last month China’s manufacturing and production ground to a halt as the country went into lockdown to contain the virus. This shutdown had an immediate impact on industries around the world, including pharmaceutical ingredients.

New study to look at impact of COVID-19 on cannabis patients

A new study will be looking at the impact of the novel coronavirus – COVID-19 – on patients who use medical cannabis.

A preliminary study looking at the impact of COVID-19 on cannabis patients, led by the University of Miami, will be utilising epidemiology expertise, and looking at data collected on the patterns and trends of medical cannabis patients during the coronavirus outbreak.

Cannabis May Help Veterans With PTSD. And Lawmakers May Be Acknowledging That

After 17 years in the military and Special Forces deployments in nearly every terrorist hot spot on Earth, former Green Beret Adam Smith found that while his military battles had ended, his personal one had not.

“I had a hard time sleeping lots of anxiety, lots of hyper-vigilance, all the symptoms that revolve around post-traumatic stress,” Smith, in an interview, remembered of his difficult transition to civilian life, starting in 2015.

Alabama Gets Closer to Legalizing Medical Marijuana

On Thursday, WBRC reported that the Alabama Senate cleared Senate Bill 165. The bill will create the Compassion Act, which legalizes medical marijuana. The bill has listed several qualifying medical conditions and symptoms. Patients suffering from these medical conditions can access medical marijuana products after receiving approval from qualified doctors. A doctor can only prescribe marijuana products after all the other methods have been exhausted.

House committee advances medical marijuana bills for veterans

The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee on Thursday advanced two bills related to medical marijuana use for veterans.

The first measure, sponsored by Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.), would require the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to research the effects of medical-grade marijuana on the health outcomes of veterans with conditions like chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Coronavirus drives cannabis sales bump, then slump

The rapid global spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 affects every industry on the planet, legal cannabis included.

Early reports indicate dispensaries and adult-use cannabis stores on the West Coast are seeing a mix of sales bumps, or sales slumps, depending on the level of local infection.

Seattle bump, then slump

The CDC recommends everyone have at least one month’s supply of medication on hand—in the likely event supplies are strained, or local stay-at-home orders of 14 or 28 days are issued.

For many folks, cannabis is their medication.