Australian researchers studying hemp nutrition for animal feed

Researchers in the Australian state of Tasmania are studying the nutritional value of hemp for animal feed as they look to expand opportunities for farmers.

A team from the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) has embarked on a two-year project to explore industrial hemp exclusively as a forage crop for sheep or as a dual-purpose crop – for both grazing and seed production.

Canada’s cannabis pardon program is failing. Here’s why

On October 17, 2018, thousands of Canadians waited outside cannabis shops to finally buy the drug legally for the first time in the nation’s history.

That same day, while attention was turned to the shops, the Canadian government promised to undo a great historical wrong: People convicted of single cannabis possession in the past could apply to have those records suspended.

More than a year after legal stores opened, only 436 Canadians have applied to have their cannabis sentences suspended.

How Can Canadian Licensed Producers Capitalize On The Worlds #1 Importer Of Medical Cannabis?

During the last year, we have noticed increased interest in the Israeli cannabis market and this is a market that we have been favorable on since inception. The climate in Israel is ideal for cultivating cannabis and we are bullish on the industry due to the economics that are associated with it.

Hawai‘i House Passes Bill Legalizing Industrial Hemp

The Hawai‘i House of Representatives on Friday passed a bill legalizing the growing, processing, and sale of industrial hemp in Hawai‘i.

It passed the Senate on Wednesday unanimously, with Senators Les Ihara, Clarence K. Nishihara, and Laura H. Thielen expressing reservations. The legislation now goes to Governor David Ige to sign into law.

Saint Lucia Considers the Economics of Cannabis Reform

National consultations on the cultivation of cannabis for domestic use and export are taking place in Saint Lucia, as the Caribbean country debates plans to diversify its agricultural industry. Saint Lucia is among an ever-shrinking group of countries in the Caribbean that have yet to enact cannabis reforms, either decriminalization or legalization for medical or adult use.

White paper aims to accelerate cannabis integration into UK healthcare

A new white paper has been published by leaders in the cannabis field, showcasing how to maximise clinical research and improve patient access to medical cannabis in the UK.

Following the approval of medical cannabis in the UK in November 2018, only two patients have gained access to full extract cannabis medicine through an NHS prescription.