Global Cannabis Revenue Pushed by Sales Doubling in Some U.S. States

The green rush in the global cannabis market continued in 2019, with sales doubling in seven U.S. states as well as Canada, and you can expect that trend to continue this year, a report out on Thursday shows.

The report from Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics shows global cannabis sales rose 48% to $15 billion in 2019.

The figures, which are still preliminary and may get revised as more data comes in, were bolstered by states where cannabis has recently become legal for adult or medicinal use.

THCP: A newly discovered, potentially more potent, cannabis compound

A recently published article in the journal Scientific Reports has described the remarkable discovery of a previously unknown cannabinoid. Dubbed THCP, the molecule has been shown to be significantly more potent that its well-known counterpart THC, however, it’s still unclear how psychoactive it is in humans or how present it is in popular cannabis varieties.

First medical cannabis ETF available for Europe, prompted by high demand

Europe is poised to see the first launch of an ETF (exchange traded fund) that is dedicated to the cannabis sector. It is being co-sponsored by HANetf and Purpose Investments of Canada. The Medical Cannabis and Wellness ETF is scheduled to launch on Deutsche Boerse in Frankfurt in the week of 13 January, according to HANetf.

Thailand launches full-time clinics dispensing cannabis oil

NONTHABURI, Thailand (AP) — Thailand on Monday opened its first two full-time clinics dispensing cannabis oil for medical treatment, a step forward in the government’s policy of promoting the licensed use of marijuana products to relieve the symptoms of a range of ailments.

About 400 patients, many of them with cancer, were given the oil for free at a flagship clinic at the Public Health Ministry in a suburb of Bangkok.

German drug czar pushes for uniform cannabis laws

Cannabis is illegal in Germany, but each state has different regulations on how much is allowed for personal possession. The drug commissioner wants that to change.

Germany's drug commissioner on Tuesday called for a nationwide standard for the amount of cannabis allowed for personal possession.

Daniela Ludwig told the Funke Media Group that it is "difficult" when each German state has different regulations.  

Patients rally in Ecuador for legal use of medical cannabis

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Unrelenting pain in her hips and weeks of insomnia left Nelly Valbuena desperate for relief from her metastatic breast cancer.

The university professor found freedom from her disease’s cruel side effects in an unexpected remedy: CBD, a compound extracted from the cannabis plant.

Now Valbuena is pushing Ecuador’s government to put into effect recently passed legislation permitting medicinal use of cannabis products so others like her suffering from agonizing illnesses can have new options for pain relief.

New guidelines approved for medical cannabis in Brazil

This week Brazil approved cannabis guidelines in order to establish a legalised environment for the sale and consumption of cannabis for medical use.

In the announcement by ANVISA, the National Agency for Health Surveillance of Brazil, a new class of medical cannabis products will be prescribed by doctors and sold through pharmacies, enabling safe and legal patient access.