Support for Cannabis Legalisation Continues to Grow in New Zealand

The latest poll of New Zealand’s voters has revealed a further rise in support for cannabis legalisation. The public is set to vote on the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill in less than three months. Votes for the referendum will be taken alongside ballots for the General Election in September. 

Could the UK Learn from the German Medical Cannabis Model?

In recent years, global medical cannabis markets have continued to expand as research and public opinion of the plant has evolved. Now, much of Europe has at least partially legalised cannabis for medical use. But there is one European country that has seen the lion’s share of investment in the sector, thanks to its progressive medical cannabis model – Germany. 

Israeli Lawmakers Advance Cannabis Legalization Bills

Israeli lawmakers have advanced two cannabis legalization bills to the country’s top legislative body.

Members of Israel’s ruling party coalition have advanced two cannabis legalization bills, guaranteeing their support of the reforms in the Knesset, the Jerusalem Post reports. The bills were submitted by Likud MK Sharren Haskel and Blue and White MK Ram Shefa and were advanced by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation on Sunday.

International Cooperation: The Next Generation of Cannabis Development?

The Canadian-German market connection has been a “thing” ever since the middle of the last decade. But this is not the only international cannabis connection. Indeed, firms in multiple countries have been developing international partnerships for quite some time – and not just deals involving the plant or its extracts, but on the cannabis technology front.

This year and going forward expect these to bear fruit, and in interesting ways.

What are the trends? And who is doing what?

Bermuda Seeks Public Feedback on Legal Cannabis Market

Cannabis legalization is becoming an important discussion topic in most countries. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the economy globally. Amid the pandemic, most countries seek relief in the marijuana industry, which is still an evolving industry. Bermuda, a British overseas territory, might expand its legal cannabis market. The government wants public feedback on making marijuana legal.

Canadian cannabis companies withdraw from Jamaican market

Several Canadian companies, which are licensed producers of cannabis, are leaving the Jamaican market due to stalled governmental decisions on export licenses.

Forbes magazine reported yesterday that even if the Jamaican government were to expedite the issuance of export licenses, the global market is extremely limited and the slight amount of export was only permitted for medical research and development which does not add up to any genuine marketable or profitable volume.

Israeli government signs order permitting medical cannabis exports

Exporters interested in selling permitted cannabis goods abroad will be required to receive a license from the Health Ministry once the free export order enters into force in another 30 days.

A free export order for medical cannabis products was signed by outgoing Economy Minister Eli Cohen on Wednesday, approximately 16 months after the government approved exports of locally grown medical cannabis for the first time.