5 Marijuana Stocks to Buy For A “Blue Wave” Election

Marijuana socks could rally big if we get a "Blue Wave" in November

The entire stock market is looking to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election for clues to how the next four years will play out. But this election is particularly important for a group of stocks that, under the right conditions, could soar to lofty new heights after the election: marijuana stocks.

Arizona Will Vote on Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization This November

Arizona’s Secretary of State confirmed this week that the state’s campaign for a cannabis legalization ballot initiative had submitted enough valid signatures to appear the November ballot.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said on Monday that the cannabis legalization campaign had submitted enough valid signatures to put the question to voters in November.

5 Things Every CBD Company Needs To Know About USDA Certification

The USDA's National Organic Program is a great way for brands to stand out from the competition. But getting approved isn't easy.

There is no doubt that the USDA’s organic certification program can increase transparency and trust for your CBD brand. But the audit process is also rigorous—the USDA must review your manufacturing facility design and production process plans with the ultimate goal of increasing supply chain sustainability.

Here are five things every CBD company should know about USDA organic certification:

3 Cannabis Stocks We Were Right On From The Beginning

During the last decade, the legal cannabis industry has made incredible advancements as countries across the globe have legalized or decriminalized the plant. In the US, several of the largest states have legalized cannabis while it remains illegal at the federal level and this has made the investing process more complex.

Cannabis Branding Strategy Do's And Don'ts

Branding in cannabis is infinitely more complicated than any other industry. Here are some tips on how to navigate its complexities.

Branding in cannabis is infinitely more complicated than any other industry.

Cannabis consumers encompass a huge demographic spectrum. The types of products vary so much they overlap multiple industries and markets.

Add to that the ancillary marketplace in cannabis that reaches out to both businesses and consumers.

Canada's Marijuana Industry Has a New Problem

Margin compression could become commonplace among Canadian pot stocks because of this.

For years, cannabis stocks were the greatest thing since sliced bread on Wall Street. The expectation of ongoing state-level legalization in the U.S., coupled with Canada becoming the first industrialized country in the modern era to give marijuana the green light, was forecast to send pot stock valuations into the heavens -- and for a period of time this is precisely what happened.