The Number One Most Essential Marketing Element for Cannabis Brands

Cannabis businesses will live or die based on whether they can build consumer trust. If customers don’t trust what you’re selling or aren’t sure about your brand, they’re not going to buy from you. But if you can establish a strong baseline of brand trust, you may be able to develop flourishing customer relationships that last indefinitely.

Why is trust so important, and how can you achieve higher levels of trust in your cannabis business?

This One Thing Could Drive A New Wave Of Cannabis Legalization

A couple of months ago, I discussed several reasons to be bullish on cannabis stocks, including soaring demand, a potentially friendlier federal government and a likely increase in the number of states legalizing cannabis for adult-use. Since then, demand has remained robust in both newer markets out East and more mature markets in the West.

Cannabis Vending Machines: Gaining Sector Or Passing Trend?

“The evolving retail arena is increasingly competitive and requires rapid innovation,” – Cannapreneur Partners Co-CEO Todd Sullivan.

Cannabis vending machines have been gaining ground in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

In 2014, Vancouver dispensary B.C. Pain Society installed what is believed to be the first assistant-less vending option. Since then, other Canadian operations and legal U.S. markets have followed suit.

The 3 Most Exciting Pot Stocks You're Overlooking

These cannabis stocks aren't getting a lot of attention yet, but they soon will be.

You might not know it by looking at the poor performance of most cannabis stocks over the past 17 months, but marijuana is projected to be one of the fastest-growing industries this decade. With tens of billions of dollars in North American pot sales conducted in the black market each year, Canada's legalization of adult-use weed in Oct. 2018 and a steady stream of state-level legalizations in the U.S. has rolled out the green carpet for illicit users to become legal-channel consumers.

Legal Weed Prices Don't Need To Be Slashed In Order To Compete With Illicit Market

There are other ways to buy legitimate marijuana without making it mega cheap.

The Illegal cannabis market continues to be one of the biggest threats to legal marijuana industry, whether through diverting revenue from licensed businesses or stunting the growth of legal MJ companies across the United States.

Though industry advocates persist in their pitches that legalization – either through new states coming on board or a federal mandate – would put an end to the illicit market, their argument has not come to fruition.

Insurance for Cannabis


Full disclosure doesn't come easily to a once illicit industry emerging from the shadows.

Shifting the focus of an industry from allowing no information to escape to requiring absolute transparency is a monumental task. Even with tools to provide excellent data consistently, openness and accurate bookkeeping are yet to be normalized in the cannabis insurance world.