Will The Hemp Industry Revive New York's Economy?

One Upstate county welcomes the hemp industry as a way to reinvigorate its economy.

Nestled near the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers in Upstate New York, the city of Binghamton and the surrounding county, Broome, was always a hotbed of agriculture and manufacturing. From the rivers to railroads to highways, the area has been at the hub of transportation networks and grew steadily through the 20th century.

Defining Genetic Drift in Cannabis Cultivation


Growing a consistent, high-quality crop relies on understanding the science behind the plant.

Over time, the cannabis plant has revolutionized the world of medicine and the lifestyle of humankind. Its phytochemicals –Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and the likes – have proven beneficial in improving mental health and physical well-being, promoting interest in the cannabis plant and encouraging large-scale and small-scale cultivation.

As Mainstream Greenhouses Pivot To Hemp, Producers Talk Costs, Rewards

Hemp can get off to a stronger and faster start in farmers' fields if it's been properly germinated or rooted as young plants.

Hemp plants in a hurry? There’s a hack for that.

Hemp can get off to a stronger and faster start in farmers’ fields if it’s been properly germinated or rooted as young plants, greenhouse operators say.

How Cultivating CBD Hemp Plants Differs from Industrial Hemp Cultivation

There is a lot of misinformation everywhere about CBD hemp and Industrial Hemp. Most articles online state that CBD is also derived from industrial hemp. It’s true that industrial hemp has thousands of different uses but CBD hemp is a totally different species of the hemp plant. In this article, we get rid of this confusion by showing you how cultivating CBD hemp differs from Industrial hemp.

Cultivating industrial Hemp

The Psychrometrics of Cannabis from Production through Post-Harvest


Controlling the Properties of Moist Air to promote growth and mitigate fungal activity.

Psychrometrics is the study of moist air. What most people don’t know is that there are a lot of properties of moist air. The psychrometric condition of a cannabis grow room plays a large part in how plants function. It can affect the growth and final yield as well as having implications in the spread of disease, mold, and mildew. The same holds true for Drying and Curing as well as Processing and Packaging.

The best new cannabis strains to grow in 2020

Legalization’s onward march into the mainstream means that more gardeners than ever can grow some cannabis. Michigan and Illinois added medical marijuana cultivation rights this year. Oklahoma is in the midst of a legal medical genetics boom. The list goes on and on. Adult-use cannabis is legal in 11 states and more than 30 states have medical marijuana laws. Check your state’s cultivation rules here.

The cannabis industry well represented at the National Farm Machinery Show

Innovation was alive and well in Louisville Kentucky last week at the National Farm Machinery show! The hemp industry was well represented as interest raises across the nation about growing this promising crop. Not only hemp, but marijuana growing equipment was also featured, and many familiar agricultural products are being using in new and interesting ways.

Legal cannabis: becoming a ‘green’ industry

As sustainability missions crop up on every corporate radar across a diverse range of industries, the legal cannabis sector is no different.

In a previous CSO Magazine article, we discussed that, at a time when competition has never been higher, businesses are finding that taking superior measures to combat climate change can often be a decisive and enticing factor with consumers: