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Hackers steal information on cannabis growers

Hackers exposed roughly 3.4 million user records, together with usernames, electronic mail addresses and IP addresses, of marijuana cultivators at GrowDiaries.com, a web-based neighborhood the place growers weblog about their crops and may promote seeds to different growers.

The safety breach occurred Sept. 22 and was reportedly found Oct. 10 by Volodymyr Diachenko, a database safety researcher.

The Cannabis Industry’s Packaging Problem

One of legal cannabis’s greatest selling points is an obvious one: It’s a plant! Smokable cannabis flower, in particular, has the shortest connection to its original agricultural state. It’s simply dried and cured buds, plucked straight from the original plant.

For folks looking for natural relief from a variety of symptoms, or casual consumers looking to kick back and relax, it’s hard to find a remedy as closely connected to the earth as cannabis.

And yet the rise of legal cannabis has also introduced a growing environmental cost:

How Canadian cannabis firms lost millions on bad greenhouse deals

When Aurora Cannabis acquired greenhouse design firm Larssen in late 2017, it was a shot across the bow of rival Canadian marijuana producers.

In short, the Alberta-based producer was signaling to the industry it intended to win the “funded capacity” race at any cost – even if that meant buying the company designing your greenhouse.