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Cannabis-Infused Beverages Will Be Big Business In 2021

Three reasons why liquid weed is poised to skyrocket.

Look for cannabis-infused drinks to make a splash next year. According to the ‘Disrupting Drinks’ report published by cannabis market intelligence firm Prohibition Partners, cannabis drinks are likely to pose a threat to the dominating alcoholic beverage industry. The report also states that the market for cannabis-infused drinks is expected to rise to an estimated $4 billion by 2024. 

Nebraska Voters Are Likely To Decide on Medical Cannabis This Fall

The campaign says the Secretary of State confirmed enough signatures are valid, but a legal challenge also arose. Voters in five states will see medical and/or adult use cannabis on their November ballots.

It’s looking very likely that Nebraska voters will decide on medical cannabis this fall. If voters approve the amendment, doctors will be able to make medical cannabis recommendations, and patients with serious conditions can grow, possess, and buy medical cannabis. 

Warsaw Zoo Testing If CBD Can Treat Depression In Elephants

Zookeepers at Poland’s Warsaw Zoo have announced a new project testing whether CBD oil can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in elephants.

Zookeepers at Poland’s Warsaw Zoo are launching a project to test whether CBD oil can help reduce anxiety in animals, the BBC reports. Fredzia, a female elephant who is grieving following the loss of the herd elder, will be the first animal to receive the treatment.

Kamala Harris Says Biden Admin Will Decriminalize Cannabis

Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s pick for the second half of the Democratic presidential ticket, said in their first joint interview that the Biden-Harris Administration will pursue a national policy of cannabis decriminalization.

The Biden Administration would pursue policies to decriminalize cannabis possession and enact some police reforms, said Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) — Joe Biden’s pick for vice president — in an interview yesterday with ABC News.

Pennsylvania Banks On Marijuana Legalization To Help Pandemic Budget Crisis. Here’s Why It Won’t Work (And Why That’s A Problem).

Pennsylvania is deep in the red, and the culprit is COVID-19. But if the federal government can’t save the state, can marijuana?

That’s what the Keystone State appears poised to try. If it does, the state might need to prepare to be disappointed.

Gov. Tom Wolf imposed strict social-distancing measures in March to smash the novel coronavirus, and while it worked—Pennsylvania’s rate of new infections is among the lowest in the United States—it came at great cost.

6 Marijuana Stocks to Buy That Are Sticking In the Green

These pot stocks are short on hype and strong on revenue

Investors searching for marijuana stocks to buy are looking to get green. So how can investors identify stocks that will “get green?” From investors’ perspective this should likely relate to price appreciation. However, there is no exact formula for price appreciation. But there are fundamental, technical and other indicators which catalyze stocks to rise in price. From my perspective that means sales, deal making and execution of strategic vision are the factors which most strongly predict success. 

5 Branding Tips to Help Cannabis and Hemp Businesses Stand Out from the Crowd

From getting to know your target audience to adhering to strict state regulations, Ashley Grace, founding CMO for Charlotte’s Web, outlines his top branding strategies.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put a strain on many businesses, and while the cannabis industry has fared better than most after being deemed an essential business in many states’ shutdown orders, cannabis and hemp businesses are not immune to challenges stemming from the coronavirus crisis.

U.S. Senator Wants To Legalize Cannabis And Regulate It Like Tobacco

A new bill filed by Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota would end marijuana prohibition, which she called a failed policy that leads to racist over policing

A new bill filed by a Democratic senator from Minnesota would end marijuana prohibition across the United States and set up a system that regulates cannabis like alcohol or tobacco.