Louisiana widening access to medical marijuana under new law

More Louisiana residents will have access to medical marijuana under a significant expansion of the state’s therapeutic cannabis program that Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed into law

More Louisiana residents will have access to medical marijuana under a significant expansion of the state's therapeutic cannabis program that was signed into law by Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Drug Trial Planned for Synthetic Cannabinoid COVID-19 Treatment

FSD Pharma has received FDA permission to design and submit an application for a new trial using a synthetic cannabinoid-based drug in the treatment of COVID-19.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based cannabis company FSD Pharma has been granted permission by the Food and Drug Administration to submit an Investigational New Drug Application for a clinical trial using a synthetic cannabinoid drug called ultramicronized palmitoylethanolamide (micro PEA) to treat COVID-19.

Another record month for medical marijuana sales in Oklahoma

Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry continues to break sales records.

Dispensaries remitted nearly $5.1 million via the state's 7% tax on cannabis, meaning customers spent approximately $73.8 million on medical marijuana in April, according to data released by state tax officials..

It's the fourth month in a row sales increased compared with the previous month, a trend that highlights a growing demand for the product more than a year after dispensaries first opened their doors.

Legislators pass medical marijuana expansion in Louisiana

Legislators passed a bill on Sunday that authorizes the recommendation of medical marijuana for additional conditions and allows any state-licensed physician to recommend medical marijuana.

The bill, HB 819 by Rep. Larry Bagley R-Stonewall, went before a House concurrence on Sunday where it passed 74 - 16. The amendments from the Senate were also concurred in.

Senate President Page Cortez then signed the bill, which now heads to Gov. John Bel Edwards to be signed into law.

Medical marijuana expansion sailing through Louisiana Legislature

A bill that would allow any condition to be treated with medical marijuana and any doctor in good standing to recommend it continued to build momentum in the Louisiana Legislature Wednesday with little resistance.

Members of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee approved House Bill 819 by Rep. Larry Bagley, R-Stonewall, to expand treatable conditions.

The bill has already secured full approval in the House and now heads to the full Senate for debate.

Pediatricians seeing a growing demand for medical cannabis for kids

Most Canadian pediatricians are shying away from medical cannabis for patients, knowing that it can hurt the developing brain and that there isn’t much research to guide them.

But physicians say they are getting increasing requests for cannabis from parents, for a growing list of conditions.

Dr. Adam Rapoport, medical director of the pediatric palliative care team at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, says, “This is mostly driven by parents, and doctors have fallen behind.”