With MJBizCon 2019 in full swing, High Green News presents the first high five of the show

The highly anticipated MJBizCon is back once again at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Wednesday, December 11 to Friday, December 13. With 1,300 + exhibitors and 35,000 attendees, it is the largest gathering of cannabis business professionals in the world. This globally recognized B2B event is proving to be a success once again with the outstanding program of featured speakers and events that benefit every sector in the industry.

EXCLUSIVE | Toronto Cannabis Business & Consumer Expo Fiasco, with a Silver Lining

The Cannabis Business & Consumer Expo in Toronto this weekend was more than a little bumpy for both guests and exhibitors. Wrought with confusion from the moment the first exhibitor arrived to set up on Thursday morning. One exhibitor told High Green News, upon arrival there was no one at the building, no lights on and the doors were all locked. As more exhibitors showed up for set up they all became increasingly worried that they were part of a scam. They began calling the various numbers provided on the expo's website and Eventbrite listing, none of which were answered.

EXCLUSIVE | The success of the 2019 Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo | Boston, Massachusetts

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The Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo wrapped up on Saturday, October 26th. Held at the Haynes Convention Center in Boston, Mass., this show is focused on business-to-business within the legalized cannabis industry and is one of three CWCBE Shows held each year.