Pete Buttigieg’s Bold Stance on Marijuana Legalization

Pete Buttigieg’s Bold Stance on Marijuana Legalization

Wed, 02/05/2020 - 16:10
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Marijuana legalization is getting attention again as the 2020 presidential election gets closer. The Iowa caucuses took place on Monday. During the event, Democratic and Republican voters decided on the candidates for the US presidential election. As a result, the candidates took some bold stances regarding marijuana legalization. On Monday, I discussed how Bernie Sanders vowed to legalize marijuana in all 50 states if he wins the presidential election. Now, Pete Buttigieg shared his “Plan B” if lawmakers cause issues with legalization.

Pete Buttigieg’s “Plan B” for marijuana legalization

After Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg took a bold stance to legalize marijuana. On February 2, a Marijuana Moment article discussed how Buttigieg mentioned that he has a “Plan B” for marijuana legalization, which involves using Air Force One. “Plan A” includes convincing both the parties to legalize cannabis. Buttigieg thinks that he can convince congressional lawmakers.

However, at a campaign event in Iowa last week, he stated that if “Plan A” fails, then he would use Air Force One and fly around the country and visit lawmakers’ hometowns to convince voters to push for legalization. He said, “I have a different use in mind for that aircraft, and it’s to fly it directly into the home district of a member who is standing in the way—not just of me, but of his own voters and have a conversation with the voters about why this needs to happen.”

Ending the war on drugs

Buttigieg wants to end the war on drugs and racial disparity. He thinks that legalizing marijuana will benefit the affected communities. Buttigieg stated that he’s focused on legalizing cannabis and decriminalizing the possession of all currently illicit drugs. Sanders also discussed supporting communities affected by marijuana criminalization. Recently, Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard said that regulating all drugs would help the war on drugsAndrew Yang also spoke in favor of legalization.