Retrofitting Your Old Greenhouse or Building New: Tips for Planning Your Expansion

Retrofitting Your Old Greenhouse or Building New: Tips for Planning Your Expansion

Wed, 03/08/2023 - 16:20
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When it comes to greenhouse retrofits or new builds, there are various ways to plan for an expansion, reduce operating costs, or improve efficiency. To start, it's essential to know what you want to achieve. If reducing labor is your key motivator, you need to examine how your greenhouse is affecting your labor. On the other hand, if increasing crop yield is your main goal, then the best value for retrofitting will differ.

Here are some tips for greenhouse retrofits based on different goals:

  1. Greenhouse Retrofits for Reducing Operating Costs:
  • Install energy curtains to reduce heat loss during winter and provide shade during summer.
  • Check your vents and replace rubber seals to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Consider flood benches to save on water and fertilizer costs.
  1. Greenhouse Retrofits for Increasing Production:
  • Replace stationary benches with rolling benches to increase production space.
  • Reglaze your roof to improve the light levels your crops need.
  1. Greenhouse Retrofits for Improving the Crop Environment:
  • Add extra ventilation to reduce humidity, increase airflow, and help harden plants.
  • Raise the roof to improve the growing environment.

For new commercial greenhouse construction, planning is crucial. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Assess your production demand to determine the greenhouse footprint, allowing for future growth.
  • Consider the environment you need for optimum plant growth and consult with your supplier about under-gutter height, ventilation, and glazing options.
  • Review your existing facilities and systems, such as shipping bays, warehouse space, office space, environmental controls, and heating systems.
  • Consult with your local building inspector to ensure compliance with all regulations.
  • If you need more warehousing and storage space, consider building these areas out of greenhouse structures, such as widespan greenhouses.

By following these planning tips, you can ensure that your greenhouse retrofit or new build meets your goals and helps you achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

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